eLearning Workshop


This is a lightning hands-on workshop. It compresses the content of a two day workshop conducted for faculty that teach online courses into one and an half hours. Course materials were developed by the University of Florida's Center for Instructional Technology and Training.

Each of the links below will result in a download of a ZIP file containing the workshop corresponding to each module materials. Participants are expected to bring a laptop and have downloaded the materials before the workshop.



Module 01

Module 1:_Students



Module 02

Module 2:_Planning


Module 03

Module 3:_Goals and Objectives



Module 04

Module 4:_Assessment

Module 05

Module 5: Instructional Materials and Activities


Module 06

Module 6:_Tools and Techniques


Module 07

Module 7:_Classroom Management


Module 09

Module 8: Wrap-up


Download All Modules (80 MB)