The most important lessons in this workshop are:

  1. Developing an on-line course requires a team. The role of the faculty member is primarily as content provider.
  2. Plan to the last detail before going online.
  3. No spurious content: Think objective, assessment and learning material.
  4. Ensure quality: Use Standards and Markers of Excellence for online courses.
  5. When delivering, manage student expectations from the beginning.

Do not underestimate the amount of work required to develop an on-line course.


Read the pdf files for each module.

Fill-in the worksheets.

  1. "Design and Development" (Module 1).
  2. "Timeline Worksheet" (Module 2).
  3. "Goals and Objectives" (Module 3).

Discuss your worksheets with an instructional designer versed in on-line instruction.




Fedro S. Zazueta
Associate CIO, Professor
Office of Information Technology
University of Florida

INFITA, Chairman
President CIGR 2011-2012