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Title: Journal of Extension
For Authors

Q&A for Authors

The following are commonly asked questions from authors who are considering submitting a manuscript for publication in the Journal of Information Technology in Agriculture. The answers are provided as a means of helping you understand the editorial process. If you have further questions, please contact editor by e-mail editor@JITAg.org. 

Is the Journal of Information Technology in Agriculture a peer-reviewed journal?

Yes. Feature and Research in Brief manuscripts are reviewed by three members of the Editorial Committee in a blind review process. Ideas at Work submissions are reviewed by one member of the committee, also in a blind review. Manuscripts submitted for the Commentary section (opinion pieces) or the Tools of the Trade section (book reviews and other resources) are screened by the editor.

What's the acceptance rate for the journal?

About 80%..

How long does it take for authors of articles that are suitable for review to receive their review results?

It varies. The average time is between 4 and 6 months, although some authors get their review results in fewer than 4 months. Among the factors that influence this are the number of acceptable articles waiting for review and whether the articles are reviewed by three reviewers (Feature and Research in Brief), one reviewer (Ideas at Work), or the editor (Commentary and Tools of the Trade).

Does the journal supply the author with a printed copy of his or her article?

No. JITAg is a Web-based journal, so authors and readers can print articles and entire issues directly from the Web.

Where can I find information about submitting an article?

Your best resource is the JITAg Web site, especially the JITAg Submission Guidelines and the Help for JITAg Authors page.

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